MIURA Qomolangma 2008 Project


Yuichiro Miura (Age 75) and his son Gota (Age 38) will once again challenge to stand on the summit of Everest in May 2008. They have reached the top of Mt. Everest from the Nepalese side in May 2003, as Yuichiro became the oldest Everest Summiter at the time and the duo marking the first Japanese father-and-son summit.

Climbing 8000m mountains at age 75 compared to age 70 physically burdens human body more than simple 5 years of Aging. Soon after the Everest summit, Yuichiro had suffered from serious arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), Atrial Fibrillation (irregular shaking of atrium) due to aging and severe climbing activities. He had undergone two arrhythmia operations (Catheter Ablation), 1st in December 2006, and 2nd in June 2007. Yet to conquer his dream to once again stand on the peak of the highest mountain in the world in 2008, Yuichiro had gone to four training expeditions in the Himalayas in the past 5 years as he optimistically fought his disease.

It is said that the body age of a 75 year old person almost doubles to age 150 in super high altitude condition where low oxygen concentration level, low pressure, severe wind and low temperature prevail. Thus, this project not only symbolizes Yuichiro’s personal challenge to his age and his heart condition, but is an ultimate Anti-Ageing project that may expand the horizon for the limits of human possibilities.

The Challenge

Yuichiro Miura had marked numerous records in skiing and mountaineering in his adventure career: participating in the Italian Kilometer Lanchard as the first Japanese and marking the world record of speed skiing in 1964, skiing down Everest from 8000m point with a parachute as a breaking device in 1970 - an extreme adventure that nobody had ever thought of doing at the time, and being the first human to ski down seven summits of the world.

As much as this Qomolangma project is Yuichiro’s challenge to his own aging processes, this challenge aims to open new doors to further human possibilities and provide directions to future anti-aging studies for our today’s Ageing society. Yuichiro and Gota’s biometric data will be obtained during the climbing activities in high altitudes for medical monitoring and further analyses.

World Records

After the 2003 Miura expedition, two Japanese climbers overwrote Yuichiro’s 2003 record for oldest Everest Summiter, as current record holder is Mr. Katsusuke Yanagisawa at age 71 and 2 months. If Yuichiro succeeds in reaching the summit in this expedition, the record will be overwritten by 4 years of age. Moreover,  Noriyuki Muraguchi will overwrite his own record for the most number of reaching the summit as a Japanese (this expedition will be his 5th summit).

Internet and Communications

In Miura Everest 2003 project, expedition feeds were provided though out the world via internet and received great appraisal both domestically and internationally. Miura Qomolangma 2008 project will also provide up-to-date expedition feeds including Yuichiro and Gota’s expedition diaries and biometric data in high altitude condition, expedition footage videos, photos and weather data, using Toshiba Corporation’s PCs and communication devices through KDDI Corporation’s communication satellite (INMARSAT). Furthermore, the world’s largest weather forecasting company Weathernews Inc. will be providing the team with detailed weather forecast analysis reports as well as the team’s mini-site on their mobile phone site.

Official Web Site URL:   www.qomolangma2008-kddi.com
(Partially bilingual with up-to-date English mini expedition feeds)

Mobile Site URL:   http://wni.jp/?180
(Available only in Japan)

MIURA Qomolangma 2008 Project : Overall Schedule

SEPT ~: Training Expedition to Qomolangma ABC (6400m)

JAN ~ :  Hypoxic Training and Ski Training in Japan
APR~MAY :  Shishapangma Expedition (8027m)
JUN ~ : Training @ Mt. Fuji & Hypoxic Training in Japan
DEC : ※ Yuichiro’s 1st Arrhythmia Operation (Catheter Ablation)

JAN ~ :  Hypoxic Training and Ski Training in Japan
APR ~ MAY :  Training Expedition to Island Peak Expedition (8027m)
JUN : ※ Yuichiro’s 2nd Arrhythmia Operation (Catheter Ablation)
AUG ~ : High Altitude Training @ Salt Lake City, USA & Hypoxic Training in Japan
OCT~NOV : Skiing & Training Expedition to Qomolangma ABC ->North Col (7000m)

JAN ~ :  Hypoxic Training and Ski Training in Japan
MAR ~ MAY : Miura Qomolangma 2008 Project